Viewing visits

Nelio Mendes - Projects Director

I’m Nelio Mendes and our passion is to build your dream home, your own bespoke villa on my beautiful Island of Madeira.

During your visit to Madeira, we will present you with some of our former projects and meet several owners who now live in Madeira. You can view the quality of the design and construction and ask owners important questions.

The flight time is under 4 hours and there is no shortage of flights, with over 30 from the UK every week, all year round. Some operators offer excellent value for money.

You will receive our undivided attention during your visit, as we dedicate the whole day to working with just one client. In order to gain a comprehensive view of our offering, and to explore the most appropriate projects to your requirements, we will need 2-3 days with you here in Madeira.

Should you decide to build your dream home here, the next step is to decide where in Madeira you would like to live, and then to select one of our many plots. In our experience, clients find it a pleasure to visit us and many find exactly the project they've been looking for.

We can provide a transfer from the airport and will assist in booking a suitable hotel.

Finally, I look forward to personally welcoming you to Madeira and spending time with you, showing you examples of our work.