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Owning your own villa in madeira

Answers to some of the more frequently-asked questions, to help you along the way.

Project questions…

I’m interested in building my own villa, how long does this take?

Taking into consideration the design process and availability of materials, we can produce most projects in 10 to 12 months.

How do I budget for the costs involved in building my own bespoke villa?

Most people normally pay for a project using stage payments, typically paid for over 10 to 12 months. Photographic and drone updates are also provided during the process on a weekly basis.

What happens if I have a problem after the property is built?

In this most unlikely event, all our properties are covered by our construction guarantee, you are also protected under Portuguese law.

When we find an ideal plot we want, what happens next?

All our plots are for sale and any plot can be purchased or reserved until you are ready to start the project.

What about the legal procedure?

Our team will give you every support and all the information you require, we can advise you where to look for experienced legal services. We recommend using a lawyer.

Can you build us a wine cellar or a special wardrobe?

We have our own dedicated carpenter with over 30 years of experience, he can build you anything you require.

We don’t think we will need a pool, could we add a pool later after the villa is already built?

Adding a pool or other construction at a later date is fine, however the costs will be lower if this was part of the original build as everything will be onsite already.

What about planning permission, how do I know the land I choose will be granted planning for my project?

Gaining planning permission is part of the sale agreement. When we design a project for the chosen site, we observe all the local regulations and only submit plans that we know will be approved by the various local authorities.

What are the tax costs of a bespoke project?

Not only do we build your ideal property, but you will pay significantly less taxation in the process.

What is the most common error a buyer makes when buying property with you?

By far the most common mistake is made by those who need euros to make a purchase. For example, buyers with British Pounds or Swiss Francs using a high street banks attract very poor exchange rates and high handling fees. A specialist FX currency trader will save buyers between 1% to 2% on the overall transaction when compared to your bank. We advise all potential buyers to register with a specialist currency trader in order to be ready to act quickly when the time is right. We recommend using NU Currencies due to their fair currency handling trading practices. Click here to register with them today so you can be ready.

What extra costs outside the build do buyers forget about ?

Few buyers think deeply about the enjoyment of quality outside furniture, we advise saving at least €7,000 for your outdoor furniture expenditure. In Madeira you can spend lots of time enjoying the garden and entertaining friends.

Living in Madeira questions…

What is the cost of living in Madeira?

The overall cost of living in Madeira is significantly less than other parts of Europe with around a 25% overall saving.

Do I need to speak Portuguese for daily living?

English is widely spoken with children being taught from age 3 in creche and 5 in school.

What is the weather like in Winter?

We don’t have a winter like northern Europe and our winter days are often compared to a European summer’s day.

What is the crime situation, is Madeira safe?

We have virtually no crime, it is very safe to walk around at any time of day or night.

What is the healthcare situation like?

Madeira has 3 hospitals and many private clinics. The service is of a very high standard, Madeira also has the 4th highest ratio of doctors to patients in Europe.

What is the daily cost of a gardener or maid?

Many property owners have a maid once a week and the typical cost is around €35 per day.

What is the shopping like for groceries and clothes, and are there many shopping centers?

There are 3 major shopping centers in Funchal and many of the major brands are present. Madeira also has many modern supermarkets and a thriving local economy.

How about nightlife, restaurants and nightclubs?

Madeira has an astonishing 1000 restaurants to choose from located almost everywhere. There are several quality nightclubs in Funchal and live music is easy to find.

Is there much to do in Madeira?

We have a large and varied amount of activities available in Madeira with some events just for expats. Madeira is also the world’s leading island destination and ideal for an active and healthy lifestyle. In Madeira you never tire of things to do!


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